Friday, February 7, 2014

Underneath everything is energy.

Underneath everything is energy. What is energy?  It is the potential for what will come into being.


Before anything becomes reality, it begins as potential energy. This is as true for your thoughts, as it is for the budding of a flower.

It is difficult to predict specific events, because the potential energy involved can manifest itself in so many different ways.  Equally, all predictions can only be based on the energy of the moment. Much can change as the surrounding forces execute their influence.

The good news: if you are using the correct tools, it is much easier to predict what the energy will be in the future.  This cannot be done using the cognitive tools we are so familiar with, because energy is not cognitive in nature.

In focusing on the current energy, it is often possible for me to extrapolate how things will be in the future.   This can be criticized as not being an “exact science”. This is indeed true, because it does not use the same tools.

On closer inspection, we can see that even science is not always accurate. The unexpected often comes up to confound the “going theory”.

In essence, science relies on the study of interactions between forces and matter. Theories are created and become the basis of reality, based on past observations.
This gives us fairly accurate predictions as to how things are likely to turn out.

In practice, however, the past rarely equals the present. “Abnormalities” that do not support the theory are more prevalent than most take the time to notice.  Historically, the advancement of scientific theory often is stunted. Why? Because the abnormalities are disregarded, in order to keep true to the theory. What happens for those people who allow themselves to notice the “abnormalities” and think past the constraints of the theories? Often, they are able to open up new vistas of understanding. 

So then, is science actually really that objective? 

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