Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Most Trivial Part of Thinking is Thinking

I have been a business consultant and life coach for many years. It is through my experiences in helping countless people increase their professional and personal effectiveness that I have come to realize the key to real success comes down to not what we are doing but how we are doing it.

Most often, what hinders success and holds people back is not related to any specific action that they may or may not be doing, but rather to the general methods they use and the way they are doing things. I decided to write this blog to highlight the emphasis most people place on cognitive thinking while overlooking or giving little heed to other less known modes of thought.

Cognitive thought is our logical thinking mind. For most of us this is the basis of our conscious reality and defines our success as a species. For this reason it should not be underestimated. But if you consider cognitive thinking in evolutionary terms, it is a relative newcomer to our minds.

Because the other processes of the mind and modes of thinking are so much part of us,we tend to take them for granted and underestimate their impact on our daily lives.

The mental process becomes far more effective when mental patterns are blended together to support each other. Thinking does not operate in a vacuum, and for most of us there really is no way to focus on just one thing. Even now, as you read this blog, how many other thoughts and ideas are running through your head?

The more synergy you can develop in your thinking, the more effective it becomes. The more effective your thinking, the better chance you have to use it to make desired changes in your life. In order to develop control in this area you need to develop a basic understanding of the science of how the mind works. The study of the mind on both an empirical and experiential level has defined the character of my life.

Please share your thoughts and experience with me.