Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Quality of Thinking?

What is it that really governs the decision you make? What is it that determines what direction your life takes? Most of us believe it is largely determined by our conscious mind.

In overcoming dyslexia and studying the mind for most of my life I have discovered the mental patterns that govern our thinking and our direction in life reside at a more fundamental level.

Success in life comes about from consistently doing the right things. Doing the right things comes from having the right ideas. The right ideas spring out of the Quality of Your Thinking. By quality I do not just mean how well you think but rather the nature of that thinking. This includes elements like the clarity of your thinking; your level of personal balance; your level of motivation; your ability to consistently make things happen;

Most of our lives are spent interacting with current the situations in our environment. Although this gets us by, quite often our development as people changes little. What I have discovered in helping people make changes in their life is that the same issues reoccur through different variations. Appreciable and lasting change only comes about when they begin to change their basic tendencies or the way that they think.

Think about it for a few minutes what are the elements that really determined your direction in life?