Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Quality of Thinking

Most of us tend to believe that the direction of our life is determined by the ideas have. We believe that our success results from how much information we have.

However, my life took me in a direction that called this belief into question at an early age. The journey has unequivocally proven to me, that the reality is more complex. The ideas and knowledge we value so highly in our lives are only the surface manifestation of more fundamental forces of the mind.

In fact, our ideas are, themselves, shaped by states of mind outside of our cognitive thinking. I call these states of mind How we think, or the Quality of our thinking. This concept is at once fundamental, and also infinitely complex. It manifests pragmatic results, which have far-reaching implications.

Changing the Quality of your thinking has immediate influence upon the results of your thinking. It affects any interaction you have in your life. Your conversations become clearer. You gain greater control over most situations. Your efforts and projects become easier, more fluid, and more effective.

Long term improvements to the Quality of your thinking will have lasting effects on the quality of your life. You make decisions that are more in line with your desired direction. You experience life more fully. You develop into a more balanced and happier person.

The direction that you take in your life will be largely due to the Quality of your thinking. By the Quality of thinking, I am not only referring to how effective your thinking is. What is the tone or texture of your thinking? How clear is your thinking: how dynamic, how flexible, how balanced? These elements not only define the Quality of your thinking, but also determine the nature your Actions.

Please share with us your comments and observations on this topic.

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